So, apparently I’m starting a blog. Again.

Hello world!

About ten years ago, when I was at university studying New Media and Digital Culture, blogging was the thing to do. I actually have quite a few blogs floating around somewhere in, yes, cyberspace(!) because some of the modules even required posting my coursework on a blog. Now, nearing the end of 2014, I suddenly find myself reading blogs again. This time they are all delivered to me on the silver platter that is called Bloglovin’, though, but nonetheless, blogs!

How did this happen? After the introduction of Twitter and Facebook, how is it possible that people are still blogging? I didn’t even know people still use Flickr! Perhaps it is because I ventured out into teaching English (so please correct me when I make mistakes) to teenagers and my world has been confined to One Direction, I/you/he,she,it/we/you/they, snapchat and girls getting away with wearing leggings as trousers. Perhaps…

Anyhow, recently I found myself with three months off work (courtesy of Dutch law and insecure employers) and when I purchased a maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins to take on holiday and I realised it was in fact nothing more than an elongated tank top with an elastic waistband, I figured: “Hey, I can make one of those myself!”

My name is Marije, I am thirty years old and I live in The Netherlands. Two and a half years ago I bought a sewing machine (a Janome 6021) and apart from one dress ages ago (that didn’t really work out), I hadn’t really sewn anything until two months ago. But, with time on my hands and a need for something to put my mind on, I retrieved it from its box and ventured out into the world of selfmade fashion.

You must know, if you’re still interested, that I often put my mind on something, but it never sticks. My husband calls them my ‘phases’. Recently I’ve had a shoe phase, a nail polish phase… and right now I’m wearing neither. (I do wear shoes occasionally you know, but you get the point). However, I have a feeling this one might be something.

During the past two months I have made:

All have their flaws, some bigger than others and have only been documented in embarrassing manner, so not suitable to share with the world. All but one, because the last dress I made is right in time for Idle Fancy’s sewing challenge The Autumn of 1000 Shirtdresses and it is one I am actually very happy with.  It will be the subject of my next post and therefore, this blog is now officially open for business. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “So, apparently I’m starting a blog. Again.

  1. Ah that explains you superb English! I love your writing style as wel as the June dress (the only one of your dresses I have seen yet), so you gained a new ‘follower’ ;). One also known for having phases but for who the sewing phase now already lasts two years.


  2. Well, please to meet you Ms. Marjie. I stopped initially because I too participated (ahem, still am, gotta finish my dress, YIKES) in the Autumn of 1,000 Shirtdresses challenge via Idle Fancy. I was checking out the entrants and there you were; clicked on over here and I am glad I did. I would not have thought to make the McCalls 6696 in plaid. Boy do you look splendid in it though.

    As I was reading the post above lo and behold I find out I will be coming to your area soon. Nederlands here I come! I am so excited I seriously have to contain myself and pinch me to be sure it is all real. I will be sending off for my passport soon and there is a ton of sewing I would like to do in preparation because first impressions are lasting and I want to make a good one on my hosts.

    If you would like to share anything I need to know culturally about the Nederlands before I leave I am open as I want to be correct and not offend. I have already been taught to not say “Holland” … oops. 🙂

    Good job on the challenge and I hope to be seeing more of you on blog.




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