Waltzing Mathilde

And here it is, finally! All this waiting, and just for a muslin. I actually finished my Mathilde blouse a week ago, but didn’t get the chance to get some proper pictures taken until today.

I thought the blouse and my leaf earrings would make a good combination for these autumn-themed pictures and I even got William to take the pictures again. We found a nice lane nearby. I felt really self conscious though with all those people who kept driving/ running/ cycling by, but I guess I’ll get used to that.

So, about this blouse:

I upgraded the pattern to a size 11 (which would be a size 22 I suppose) and added extra length. I also narrowed the sleeves a tad, because I am wide enough as it is.


I thought the fit was okay, but after a day of actually wearing it I have encountered some issues, that mostly have to do with the front yoke and armscyes.


The front yoke seems a bit wide, but the armscyes are too narrow, or maybe it is the result of that. On the back it results in the fabric pulling apart a bit at the height of my armpits. I will have to figure out how to change this for the next version.


Overall though, I really like this pattern. I like the tacks and how the buttons are a real eye catcher. It was pretty easy to put together, although I wonder what it will be like with a less iron-friendly fabric.


In the meantime, I still don’t have a working sewing machine, but I do have some ideas for my next projects. There will be another shirtdress, in plaid! and I have already traced View C of Simplicity 2406, so as soon as I can I will start working on those.



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