June: a Christmas dress in January

First of all: Happy 2015! The other day on Facebook I saw a post about another post (which 90% of Facebook really is) that said: “in a few days’ time: 2000 will be as far away as 2030”. It made me think of the Smith & Burrows line from When the Thames Froze: “The years go by so fast, let’s hope the next beats the last”. That might sound a little sad, but that’s because I was, yesterday. When you make plans and they just don’t seem to materialize, time goes by way too fast. I realized, however, that I need some time and that it is more important to live in the now than to pine over a future that may not ever be what you want it to be. You know what John Lennon said hey.

Meanwhile, I have been back at work since November and even though I’ve had that beauty of a sewing machine upstairs, I’ve hardly had any time to touch it. I started a Dahlia which was too small, then another one that needed a zipper which I had to buy first. Then it got closer and closer to Christmas and I wanted to make the Dahlia in a black fabric that would be perfect for Christmas, but I needed to have a dress that fit me properly and I’m just not there yet with Dahlia.

So Dahlia became a UFO and somehow I missed the deadline for sewing a dress for Christmas altogether. Work is always crazy busy before the holidays and on December 6th we unexpectedly welcomed a new member into our household: Henk (i.e. the dog, not the bearded guy).

Introducing Henk

Isn’t he adorable? He’s such a funny dog, too. He’s a Bouvier des Flandres and he turns 2 at the end of the month. He’s won over our hearts completely and is already featured in the photos for the dress this post is actually about: the La Maison Victor June dress. La Maison Victor is a  Belgian sewing magazine with an issue every season. As the name implies the dress pattern was published in the summer issue, but as it is a very classic dress it is a perfect dress for special occasions.

The dress requires a more sturdy fabric and I made my wearable muslin in dark red polka dots. It was too big, so I took it in at the sides, and I sewed this dress two sizes smaller. Two, because it was really too big and the fabric I chose has a little stretch in it. Because I didn’t start work on my Christmas dress until after Christmas, I actually wore those red polka dots for Boxing Day dinner at the in-laws. But, now on to this dress.

June dress

The end product isn’t perfect, but sewing up this dress was a very rewarding process. It has only 8 pattern pieces which don’t require a lot of fabric. It has princess seams for the front and the back bodice and the skirt part has just 6 pleats in it. I absolutely love the fabric I used. It’s a black stretchy something (bought at a fabric fair, forgot to ask again…) which is totally ironable (yay!) and has very subtle sparkles.

June dress


I’m really proud of my invisible zipper. I just need to add a hook and eye to finish the top. (Sorry mum, the ones you gave me are too big.)


The princess seams are puckering a bit on the front and the back and the neckline is a little high to my taste, but I am really happy with the way this dress turned out. I couldn’t have gotten a better fit if I bought it somewhere.

June dress

June dress

I absolutely love this dress and even though it missed both Christmas and New Year’s, it will definitely make an appearance at the work party I have next week. Now all I need is a proper pair of party heels to replace those wellies…