Adelaide in pink “…’cause today it just goes with the fashion”.

Actually, I doubt the colour pink is in fashion this summer. But when given the chance to integrate a song lyric into a blog about sewing one must take it, right?

Seamwork Adelaide 04

A while ago when I saw the Adelaide dress in Seamwork magazine, I just knew it would be a perfect project for me. Only three hours, right? And a lovely summer dress to boot!

So I printed the pattern, taped it together while watching a show on Netflix (so there’s 45 minutes gone), chose size 20 based on the sizing chart, traced, cut, pinned, cut and then I had a stack of pieces of a dress that I didn’t touch for days.

Then, when I had pinned the back to the front, I figured it was going to be a tight fit. I decided to finish the button placket first, so I could get a better idea. I also used a small seam allowance on the sides. Yes, well as you can see, it’s a little snug. A little too snug.

Seamwork Adelaide 03

I admitted defeat and hung up my unfinished dress in my sewing room. Another two weeks passed by. Then this weekend, I tried it on again and figured I was going to finish it. I’d spent hours making bias tape and I knew that if I didn’t finish the dress now it would probably never get finished.

I made some changes. I had sewn the shoulders together, but there was a lot of gaping at the back. I realigned the shoulder seams, which reduced the gaping somewhat, but it didn’t solve the problem completely. It probably has to do with the fact the bodice is too tight as a whole. The bust darts are a bit high too.
I used a very-sewing-machine-friendly pink cotton chambray. The dress is originally designed with snaps instead of buttons, but I went to the market in between lessons and meetings, the haberdashery market stall didn’t have any suitable snaps, so I went with buttons instead (add another hour please).

Disaster struck when I cut open the 9th buttonhole. Even though I used a pin, my seam ripper shot through the end of the buttonhole and about 1.5 cms into the fabric above. I fixed the buttonhole, but decided not to do anything about the tear. I will find out how good an idea that was soon enough. But oh, the agony!

Seamwork Adelaide 07

Now, what about these back darts? I don’t like the dip in the fabric at the end of the darts. I have quite some room there, but if I make those darts bigger, it will take away ease  from my belly as well and I don’t want that. Maybe I should lengthen them a bit?

Because I’d sewn the button plackets first I had to fiddle with the ends a little to get a clean finish (it has some very decorative stitching now). I finished the armscyes and neckline with bias tape, but because it was quite bulky, I decided to fold it under. I really like how it turned out. Because I’d made enough tape to cover the Earth’s circumference I used it to finish the hem too, similarly.

I decided to make a smaller belt (turning it took another episode of Royal Pains, add that) and I left off the button loops because they weren’t really necessary and now I can also wear it as a shift dress (and quite frankly, I’d spent enough time on this bloody dress!)

Yes, I was quite disappointed with how time consuming this dress turned out to be, but I do like it. For the next one I’ll use snaps and store-bought bias tape though…

Seamwork Adelaide 06


7 thoughts on “Adelaide in pink “…’cause today it just goes with the fashion”.

  1. I’m so glad you made this dress, I’ve been wanting to make it since it came out:-) I think your dress looks super cute and I appreciate all your tips. Need to move it up my sewing list.


    • It’s more ‘mistakes I made’ rather than tips really, but thank you! It’s a great dress really, and I like the fit around the arms. I often find sleeveless garments are way too wide around the arms for bigger sizes.


  2. Oh boy I feel your pain! I’m struggling with Adelaide at this moment, after 2,5 days I finally got the darts and size right and pint the whole dress together to find out that the front pulled up the back (fixed it this morning though). A 3 hour dress, yeah right 😕

    I’m not going to make button holes as it is (pint together) a pull over dress for me, as I’m not sure if I will wear it often. I wil add some cute buttons on top. Thanks for the tip about the belt, it looked so big on the pattern yes lol 😉

    Thanks to your blog post I’m actually going to finish the dress, it looks really good on you and I love pink (stores are full of pink clothes here in Holland so don’t worry!).


    • Aww, thanks Sandra! I am still wondering about what to do about version 2. Whether to make it a size bigger, or just do an FBA…


  3. I have this printed, with fabric put aside for it. I hope I have better luck than you did- tearing a buttonhole is the worst. I bet if you extend the lower darts it will fix that dip. Regardless of your troubles, it looks really nice and you are rocking the pink!


    • Thank you! I actually wanted to wear it today to work, but I think there’s just too much wrong with it to wear it comfortably. The bodice is just a tad too tight and the dips aren’t flattering. Funny thing, I made a new version in stretch cotton and it doesn’t have those dips at all. The fit is much better. It must be because the pink chambray doesn’t flow very well.


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