Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine.

So how about this heatwave hey!

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I have to share it with the great United States of America, but add that to being born in 1984 and I think I’ve got a pretty neat date of birth! (Yes, I’m old…)

For my birthday I got a pair of espadrilles soles from Prym. I read about them a few weeks ago and when we walked into a little haberdasheries/ old fashioned toiletries / shoe polish shop in Haarlem last weekend I saw them and just couldn’t resist. They were actually on my birthday wishlist but I hadn’t seen them anywhere before and the haberdasheries stall at the market didn’t have them, so I thought I’d better buy them while I could. This meant on my birthday I received a note from our dog that he was really happy I was going to have new shoes he could play with. Yes, our dog can read and write, and watch telly. Seriously! Well that last thing at least.

espadrilles 2

The birthday barbecue that we planned has been postponed till next Saturday due to the heat and the fact that our backyard has no shade whatsoever, so my family wasn’t here, but I had lunch with two colleagues, sat in the pool for most of the afternoon and had friends over in the evening. And there were even fireworks! Those Americans are everywhere…

Anyway, back to my new shoes. It looked so easy, but it was actually quite time consuming. It’s a miracle I can type this, because my fingertips are still numb from all those blanket stitches..

espadrilles 1

I already knew I wanted to use the black and grey floral fabric I used on the McCall’s 6696 I made for William’s birthday and I had some black cotton for the lining. I thought about lining the insole too, but couldn’t find anything about how to do that online, so I chose to just follow the steps explained in the tutorial by The Makery. The package comes with the pattern pieces, but has no instructions, so I found the tutorial very helpful. Especially for the blanket stitches, which I’d never used before.

Putting together these espadrilles is actually really straightforward. It just takes some time! Such a great task for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

espadrilles 3

Note: two-and-a-half weeks ago I slipped in wet grass and bruised my right foot. I didn’t notice how swollen it still is until I saw these photos.

Note two: photos edited with the Aviary tool on Pretty instagrammy!

Note three: I finished my floral Adelaide, and started the mental process for a maxi dress. Upcoming!


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