Where Adelaide meets Liège.

Today a post about the second Seamwork Adelaide dress I made. I actually finished it a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it a couple of times, but I hadn’t gotten around to having the pictures taken. I wore it today when we were out, so I had William take some action snaps.

We went to the market at La Batte in Liège in Belgium (or Luik for the Dutch speaking population). It’s a weekly market stretching along the river Maas and according to a website it’s existed since 1561. We had never been there before and after yesterday’s summer storm (which actually wasn’t that bad in this part of the country) we woke up to a sunny blue sky and figured it would be a perfect day for a stroll.

Obviously everything I do is sewing-related these days, I look for fabric everywhere and when shopping I can’t help but look at the way clothes are constructed (poorly, usually). So when we spotted half a haberdasheries stall I had to take a look at the buttons.

Seamwork Adelaide 13

Unfortunately, half that market stall was all there was, and a few stalls with oilcloth and table cloths. It’s a huge market, but there wasn’t much variety, unless you’re looking to buy a dog… We spotted three shops near the market selling puppies. Abominable…

But, back to my dress. It’s made of a stretchy cotton twill. Because my pink Adelaide was too tight in the bust area, I performed my first ever FBA, but kept the bodice size the same. This version fits fine around my bust, but there’s a bit of gaping in the necklines. It’s hard to compare because this one is so stretchy and the pink one doesn’t have any stretch, but I might have to go down a size for the bodice and do the FBA on that. It is okay though, I can totally wear this dress, sleeveless as well. (Forgot to take my cardigan off for the pictures, sorry.)

Seamwork Adelaide 12

I used snaps for this dress and I had leftover bias tape from the pink dress which was the perfect colour (and I folded it under anyway) so the construction went a lot faster this time! I again omitted the belt loops, I really don’t need them.

And sometimes a girl really has to put the most unflattering picture online to show how perfectly her sunglasses match her dress! (Biggest tompouce ever…)

Not much else to say about this dress, it’s a winner! Have new shoes too. Not so fashionable maybe, a dress and sneakers, but you have to understand, when we go somewhere, we walk a lot. A lot.

Seamwork Adelaide 10

This is typical for Liège. There are some beautifully restored old buildings, beautiful new buildings. Sometimes you find a beautiful front door as the perfect backdrop for your picture, but then someone left their garbage out…

Seamwork Adelaide 09

Next up: a Moneta! (Yes, I like to do things backwards…)